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Divorce Calculator: How Long Will Your Relationship Last?

how-long-relationship-lastMost couples believe their relationship will last forever when they get married. Divorce statistics would beg to differ. We know that statistically, every marriage only has a 50% chance of lasting forever. If you want to know the statistical odds of your marriage lasting, you can let the divorce calculator figure out how long your relationship is likely to last, depending on your age, education and family planning.

Of course that’s pure statistics and not even the lowest divorce risk can actually prevent a divorce. Maybe there’s one more calculation you should keep in mind before you get married: the cost of a divorce. You should only get married if you are absolutely certain that your love and your relationship will last forever. Then you can just ignore the divorce statistics!

>>>Of course, a relationship has a better chance of lasting if you and your partner are compatible. Find out what type of person is right for you with the free personality test.

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