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How Much Do You Pay for Sex?

When asked How much do you pay for sex? most readers would probably reply: I don’t pay for sex! Not true, says online magazine nerve , which asked 9 singles and non-singles to document their spendings on sex – in the widest sense.

The cost count includes everything that is even vaguely tied to sex. So we’re not really talking about sex for sale, just the cost of sexual relations, even if those relations are not directly associated with financial transactions.

When you count it that way, it really adds up – one of the single women pays almost 1000 Dollars “for Sex” – but if you look closely at the numbers, that sum gets put into perspective.

For instance, a single man spends a lot of money in coffeeshops and bars, because he finds waitresses and baristas sexy. But would he stop drinking coffee and beer if he wasn’t interested in sex with the women serving him drinks? Hardly. Nevertheless, the singles in this article chalk up pretty much every penny spent on meals, drinks and cover charges in clubs as “paying for sex“. I mean, surely these people need to eat and drink, regardless of the sex that may or may not follow.

Similarly, any money spent on personal appearance is labelled “paying for sex”. That’s probably a valid point of view, in a way, but surely neither singles nor non-singles will spend money on cosmetics, clothes, perfume and haircuts for the sole purpose of appearing sexually attractive. After all, an attractive appearance is also necessary at work or when meeting friends and family, right?

So when you look a little closer and re-calculate the sums spent on sex by the singles and non-singles questioned for the article, the final tab is a lot lower. What’s left are contraceptives, date invitations, dating websites, phone bills, hotel stays, personal hygiene and pornography. On average, their answer to the question how much do you pay for sex? shouldn’t be almost 500 Dollars a month , as suggested by the article , but closer to 100 Dollars a month . Which, come to think of it, is still a tidy sum!

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