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Sexy Women Over 50!

Last week we discovered a list of sexy men over 50. It took a lot longer to find a list of sexy women over 50. As this list proves, sexy women over 50 are well worth showing!

Some of the women, Madonna for instance, might not be everyone’s idea of sexy and one might say of some (like Ellen Barkin and Cher) that not every part of them is over 50, but while clicking through the picture gallery, you can’t help but admire how sexy women over 50 (some of them way over) look.

To look at some of them, you would hardly believe they’re over 50. Christie Brinkley, Iman or Geena Davis come across all youthful radiance and flawless skin, with barely a wrinkle in sight.

But sexy women don’t have to look young, as the sexy women over 50 prove. Hellen Mirren or Goldie Hawn look their age, but their charisma makes them very sexy despite – or maybe even because of – their age!

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