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Self-help books from France: Are French women really slimmer, sexier and happier?

The past years have seen a wealth of new books published idealising the lives of French women. While elegant, sexy French women and their glamorous, sexy lifestyles have long populated the pages of novels and the screens of art house cinemas, the new wave of books about French women is focused on non-fiction, self help and the lessons women all over the world can learn from their French sisters.

Matchmakers have a gay old time in Lisdoonvarna

The Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival , which is the oldest and most famous matchmaking festival in the world, with a long standing tradition and a reputation for bringing together lonely singles, is giving that tradition a twist this year. Originally dedicated to finding suitable wives for young farmers, the festival long ago ceased to be exclusively devoted to fostering marriages.

Help fight online dating scam by taking part in this study

Fighting online dating scam is one of our top priorities. At be2, an entire team is dedicated to collecting information about online dating scams and devising onlune dating scamstrategies to eliminate them, or at least minimise their effects. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts and those of others dedicated to fighting online dating scam, malicious individuals still manage to pull off online dating scams successfully.

Relationship facts revealed: Men vs. Women

We’ve all wondered about the truth in gender stereotypes, so let’s just recap what we know: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus; the two genders have their differences, but none of the common clichés and stereotypes are very helpful. Instead, we decided to take a look at the relationship facts behind the stupid jokes and silly rumours. Maybe our relationship facts can shed some light on the truth in gender stereotypes. See the infographic below for a fun and colourful depiction of gender stereotypes, men vs. women.

How to tell if a guy likes you – a fun flowchart

We love a good flowchart, so when we came one that explains how to tell if a guy likes you, we just had to share it with our single readers. Simply start with the first question (Do you like him?) and follow the arrows that line up with your answer. Easy! If it turns out that the flowchart thinks he does like you, however, you’ll have to figure out the next step by yourself…

Love or Sex on Valentine’s Day – should the day of love also be a day for sex?

Whether single or in a relationship, Valentine’s day is all about love for most people. About 1 Billion romantic cards are sent and over 50 Million roses are given for Valentine’s day all over the world every year and 53% of women will dump their boyfriends if they don’t give them anything to mark the occasion. But sex on Valentine’s dayhave you ever considered whether what is supposed to be a romantic occasion is also necessarily an intimate one?

Blue Monday 2013 – fight the most depressing day of the year with a personal message

Blue Monday is the title of a popular New Order Song. With its repeated lyrics asking „ How do I feel? Tell me now, how should I feel?“, it’s a melancholic ode blue monday messageto most people’s least favourite day of the week. A few years ago, scientists took it upon themselves to calculate which day of the year is the bluest of all blue Mondays.

Crash, Boom, Bang! New be2 TV ad shows sparks flying in Australia

The last be2 TV ad was launched just over two years ago. We were very fond of the cute little matchmaking heart. but now it was time for a new approach. Our creative team went back to square one and thought about what matchmaking is really all about. What matters to singles when they sign up for be2′s matchmaking service? The result: the most beautifully romantic be2 ad ever!

Read be2 test results and test be2 for yourself

The decision to use an online matchmaking service is an easy one to make – it’s fast, effective and the proven success rates are encouraging, especially for those who have been single for a long time. The difficult part is deciding which matchmaking site to use. There are so many different online dating options on the market and there is certainly one that is right for you, depending on personal situation and preferences.

be2 complaints – and our solutions

The be2 customer service department is responsible for be2 complaints. Over 50 dedicated customer care specialists form all over the world work at be2 offices to answer all messages from customers. All emails are answered within 48 hours, usually less. If you have a complaint about be2, please get in touch with our customer service agent or read on to find out what you can do about the most frequent be2 complaints