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Dear UK friends, if you want to remain in the EU, be2 offers dating services in 17 EU countries.
The past years have seen a wealth of new books published idealising the lives of French women. While elegant, sexy French women and their glamorous, sexy lifestyles have long populated the pages of novels and the screens of art house cinemas, the new wave of books about French women is focused on non-fiction, self help and the lessons women all over the world can learn from their French sisters.
Not that long ago, the first steps in the dating game went something like this: meeting, (usually the guy) getting a phone number, (usually the girl) waiting for the phone call, first date, waiting for another phone call, second date, etc. Waiting for that first phone call could be torture. While the guy would usually try to play it cool, trying not to call too soon, the questions „why isn’t he calling?“ haunted the girl.However, once he did call, the first few phone conversations were a great way to get to know each other a bit better before the first date. Chatting in a more relaxed atmosphere, without worrying how you looked and whether the date was going well, allowed both sides to actually share things about them, providing talking points for the dates that would follow.
We’ve already debated whether you should change your relationship status on Facebook at all . If you’ve decided you want to share your good news with the world (well, at least the part of the world you’ve befriended on Facebook), then timing is everythingHere’s our checklist to finding the right time to change your relationship status on Facebook:      
Let’s face it, nowadays a lot of your communication with friends takes place through facebook. In previous (pre-digital) times, you might have confided in a handful of good friends when you met someone new, then kept them updated as things progressed and announced it to them when the relationship became official. Today, with a couple of clicks you can change your relationship status on Facebook and announce to all of your Facebook friends that you are in a relationship.Should you change your relationship status on Facebook at all?
Online dating has virtually replaced so-called “real-world dating” as the first option men and women choose these days when they want to meet someone special. Or even if they just want to hook up on a casual basis.However, lots of people – and men in particular – get frustrated in their attempts to meet people online. And the main reason for this is not the fault of online dating as a platform, it is purely and simply down to the guys being ignorant. They don’t do their homework and just charge into it without thinking. They join a dating site and expect to be meeting women the next day without the key ingredient. Effort! And then, when they don’t get the results they are hoping for, they abandon the process. So, here are a few important tips for meeting women online. Treat women with respect
The Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival , which is the oldest and most famous matchmaking festival in the world, with a long standing tradition and a reputation for bringing together lonely singles, is giving that tradition a twist this year. Originally dedicated to finding suitable wives for young farmers, the festival long ago ceased to be exclusively devoted to fostering marriages. This year, the organisers thought it was about time to really drag the matchmaking festival into the 21st century and have announced that for the first time ever, the month-long festival will include “The Outing,” a gay and lesbian weekend.
Fighting online dating scam is one of our top priorities. At be2, an entire team is dedicated to collecting information about online dating scams and devising strategies to eliminate them, or at least minimise their effects. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts and those of others dedicated to fighting online dating scam, malicious individuals still manage to pull off online dating scams successfully. One key to eliminating online dating scams is informing users, so they can be watchful and protect themselves from the greed of scammers. On the other hand, it can be helpful to understand how and why some online dating scams are still successful. A funded research group from the University of South Wales (formerly University of Glamorgan) is currently undertaking a project about the online dating scam, to create awareness and to see if there are any personality factors which may predispose some people to be more susceptible to this fraud than others.
We’ve all wondered about the truth in gender stereotypes, so let’s just recap what we know: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus; the two genders have their differences, but none of the common clichés and stereotypes are very helpful. Instead, we decided to take a look at the relationship facts behind the stupid jokes and silly rumours. Maybe our relationship facts can shed some light on the truth in gender stereotypes. See the infographic below for a fun and colourful depiction of gender stereotypes, men vs. women. If you would like to share this cool illustration on your website, simply copy the embed code and paste it into the html of any website or blog.
We love a good flowchart, so when we came one that explains how to tell if a guy likes you, we just had to share it with our single readers. Simply start with the first question (Do you like him?) and follow the arrows that line up with your answer. Easy! If it turns out that the flowchart thinks he does like you, however, you’ll have to figure out the next step by yourself… Designed by Mr Green