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The 4 Great Advantages of Living in a Relationship

 couple-in-a-relationship-217x300We talk about love week after week, about how easy it can be to find a partner through online matchmaking and how that special person can change your life. But we usually take it for granted that our readers know the advantages of living in a relationship – and that they want that for themselves, too. Today we are going to list the advantages of living in a relationship, just in case you don’t know them yet.

Living with a relationship is, in short, full of advantages and benefits. We are used to articles telling us about the unavoidable problems that living together brings with it: sealing with a messy partner, lifestyles clashing, arguments about the remote control… However it is not common to talk about the advantages of living together in a relationship, because we just accept them as normal.

  1. It is a fact that people are meant to live in society, in communities. It has been so from a diachronic point of view and, from the synchronic perspective, it is proved that this is still the trend: once men and women become independent from their parents, they eventually found their own family, their own “community”. In order to meet these – practical and biological- needs, they establish loving and affectionate bonds in relationships.
  2. People living in a relationship suffer less stress than those living alone. We find a very simple explanation: after an exhausting day, those who live in a relationship can share their worries with their partner when they come home; their partner can help by taking on household tasks or even just by being there and listening.
  3. In a relationship, people usually have a healthier diet than singles. Cooking for one person, alone, can be boring. So boring that singles end up in the frozen-foods aisle at the supermarket or in a fast-food restaurant. As a couple in a relationship, there is a certain obligation to look after oneself and each other, to eat healthy products, and people in a relationship motivate each other to follow a balanced diet.
  4. Last but not least, living in a relationship has another advantage that is not very romantic, but can contribute to personal well-being. Couple’s expenses do not duplicate, but they are shared. In other words, they are divided up, so that – with some organization- people in a relationship usually have more money available for leisure activities. And that recreation time has a very positive effect on our health.

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