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5 Tips against dating ripoff schemes

Online dating sites help fulfil the hopes, dreams and desires of singles looking for love. Ideally, this is a great service that makes many people very happy. But unfortunately, online dating is not all about rational decisions and criminal individuals abuse the emotional vulnerability of some members to get at their money. There are various ripoff schemes all over the internet, but at be2 we do everything in our power to prevent our customers being ripped off.

As a be2 member you are safer from being ripped off than you would be on some other, especially free, dating sites. First of all, the application is time consuming and secondly, all members remain anonymous as long as they want to be, making it more difficult to obtain personal data.

In most cases, be2 customer service can detect the cheaters before they even become active. There are several systems in place, both automated and manual, that allow us to detect fraudulent profiles and to ban them from the site. The profiles are deleted before the ripoff scheme can even take place. If you discover be2 a profile that appears suspicious, please contact be2 customer service, so they can look into the case.

How to recognize ripoff profiles on be2?
1. The profile has only one picture that is unrealistically perfect? Criminals often use photos downloaded from the Internet and have only one photo of the person, so ask the contact to upload more photos.
2. Has a very pretty young woman contacted you, asking a lot of personal questions about your job, home and your finances? That could be a sign of a ripoff scheme. Don’t communicate your contact details too early. be2 allows you to stay anonymous as long as you want.
3. Is a be2 member asking you for money? Then you will almost certainly be ripped off. Never, ever transfer money, no matter how convincing the story of a ripoff artist sounds!
4. Does your contact want you to call an expensive hotline? Do not respond to requests like that.
5. Always remember: If something is too good to be true, it probably is neither good nor true!

If you suspect a ripoff scheme behind a profile on be2, then send a message to be2 Customer Service and help us protect other be2 customers from being ripped off.

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