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6 Reasons why Women over 40 have the Best Sex Life

Many surveys in recent years have confirmed what women over 40 already knew, but what most younger people find hard to believe: Women over 40 have the best sex life. Most women over 40 confirm that they enjoy sex more and that they are having the best sex they ever had.Women over 40

There are a lot of good reasons why women over 40 have the best sex life. We rounded up the main reasons in a handy list:

Top 6 reasons why women over 40 have the best sex life

  1. Women over 40 are more confident about their own body
    Any woman who is out of her teenage years will confirm that, ironically, when women are young, slim, wrinkle- and cellulite-free, they are also insecure and worry about their own looks. The older they get, even as their looks become further removed from the “good looks” promoted by advertising, they become more comfortable in their own skin.
  2. Women over 40 are more sexually confident
    Because women over 40 are more confident in bed, too. They are not afraid to say what they like and what they don’t like.
  3. Women over 40 are experienced
    Women over 40 have had some time to find out what work and what doesn’t work – for themselves and for the men they are with.
  4. Women over 40 who are happy in long-lasting relationships
    While young women are often dissatisfied in relationships, always wondering if something better might be waiting around the next corner, women over 40 who are in long-lasting relationships are often more at ease with their partner.
  5. Women over 40 who are single find new joy in sex
    As the mid-life crisis strikes, women over 40 often re-evaluate their relationships. If they end a relationship, they tend to have very specific ideas of what they want from a man in the next relationship. That can include a new-found joy in sex.
  6. Women over 40 can finally just enjoy sex
    Women’s enjoyment of their sexuality is often overshadowed by fertility – too much of it or too little. Women in their teens and 20s have to think of contraception to prevent getting pregnant, while many women in their 30s are preoccupied with getting pregnant, being pregnant and childcare. Women over 40, however, can enjoy sex without thinking about any of those issues. Motherhood is either behind them or they have decided not to have children, so they can just enjoy sex.

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