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7 Ways to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

long-distance relationship A long-distance relationship can be hard, but you can make the most of it. If you follow these tips that have been tried and tested by couples in long-distance relationships, you can make your long-distance relationship work. If you are single and online dating, don’t be afraid to search for partners in other cities – you might just find happiness in a long-distance relationship! Find out how to turn a long-distance relationship into a long-lasting relationship!

Common worries about long-distance relationships and how to deal with them

Before you even embark on a long-distance relationship, find out if both you and your partner are truly willing to commit to a long-distance relationship. Usually the need for a long-distance relationship arises when one partner wants to make a career move that takes them to another city or when you simply happen to fall in love with someone who doesn’t live in the same place to begin with.

Take into account how important it is for you to be where your work is and whether both partners are still willing to give a long-distance relationship a chance. If you are in agreement, then read these tips to make it work.

7 Tips for a Working Long-Distance Relationship:

1. Enjoy your time alone
If you are moving to a new city, get to know new people there and discover things that you can do by yourself.

2. Share your experiences
Always tell your partner what you are up to – the people you meet, the places you go and the things you do.

3. So far and yet so close
If possible, arrange a daily “phone date”. Even if it’s just a few minutes, it helps you keep in touch. In addition to phone calls, use all the modern media available to you: emails, chat, photographs…

4. Be patient and understanding
Too tired for a phone call? Say so.
Your partner missed a scheduled phonecall? Don’t get upset.
You’re going out for drinks after work? Let your partner know you won’t be home.

5. Don’t let your sex life suffer
A long-distance relationship is a chance to spice up your sex life. A striptease in front of your webcam (for his/her eyes only). Instead of only visiting each other, meet at a hotel in a different city every now and again and don’t leave the room all weekend.

6. Don’t raise your expectations too high
When you haven’t seen each other for a whole week, the weekend becomes laden with expectations. But not every weekend can be a honeymoon and you have to face up to that to avoid disappointment.

7. Balance is the essence of a long-distance relationship
Enjoy being alone and enjoy being with your partner. Tell your partner that you miss him/her, but don’t suffocate each other. If you are lonely and suffering under the strain of a long-distance relationship, don’t forget that it’s hard for your partner, too.

Especially when you are dating online, the chances of meeting and falling in love with someone from another city are good. Don’t let a fear of long-distance relationships stand in the way of your happiness. If you are in a long-distance relationship, enjoy the adventure!

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