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Are Women Evil? This Equation says so!

Do you think women are evil? Some men obviously think so, or at least the man who came up with the equation at right seems to think so. Well, we know better and we will prove that the equation contains a logical error!

 I suppose that the man who came up with this equation hasn’t found his soul mate yet… or he is he a man who always tries to find a mathematical explanation for everything? Either way, this mathematical equation is so funny that you can only take his insults with a smile! :)

Instead of taking offense, we women accept that we are actually not always easy to deal with and, in the name of all of women, I confess that women = problems is sometimes true. But then again, the same could be said about men.

What confuses me is the equation women = money! In Europe, the tendency is for couples to split bills and let both partners pay their part. Maybe the financial crisis is having an impact on relationships? Either way, the very first step of the equation is based on an error!

So, instead of complaining about evil women, simply look for a woman who doesn’t cause problems and who doesn’t cost you a lot of money… The equation for your soul mate = (-money) + (-problems) = real LOVE!

Are you a single male looking for a woman? Are you worried that women are „evil“, only interested in money and causing problems? Here are some hints on how to find a woman who will lay all those worries to rest:
1. If you are searching for a woman through the be2 online matchmaking service , the free personality test contains certain questions that will ascertain how important material things are to you, for example this one:

2. The matching algorithm will automatically match you with women who share your values in certain areas or who counterbalance other aspects of your personality.
3. In addition, you can alter your search settings to ensure that you only receive partner recommendations who don’t care how much money you have. Simply set your yearly income to the lowest possible setting. Any women whose search includes a higher minimum yearly income will not be matched with you. Obviously, your matches won’t see the actual income bracket you entered.

4. You should also answer some of the additional questions in your profile, for example those about love, lifestyle and views. They include questions about the things that are important to you and you can also see how your matches answered these questions.

>>>Try it now – and find the woman who is right for you! If you don’t, you might end up just like the frustrated guy who came up with this false equation…

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