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Avoid dating scams – be2 scam advice

Online dating sites try to fulfil the hopes, dreams and wishes of singles. Which, ideally, is a beautiful thing. But unfortunately, the very fact that online dating isn’t all about rational decision-making, has given rise to dating scams. be2 does everything that is possible to fight dating scams, but love is blind and dating scammers know how to use that blindness to their best advantage.

If you are a be2 member, you are safer from dating scams than on some other, especially free, dating websites that are far moire prone to scams. be2 is serious matchmaker and most members are looking for a long-term, fulfilling relationship – but unfortunately, not all of them. The first thing that deters dating scammers from be2 is the elaborate personality test. But nevertheless, some scammers still register with be2, in order to trick hopeful singles out of their money. We warn our members about the dangers of dating scams, because without their help, we can’t catch all the scammers.

In most cases, the be2 customer service can identify and block scam be2 profiles within 24 hours, based on certain criteria that mark those profiles out as scam. Other members are informed of the deletion if and when they try to contact a be2 scam profile that appeared in their partner list. Should you ever suspect that a profile might be be2 scam, please report it to customer service, who will do a thorough check to determine whether it is a dating scam.

How do you recognise a dating scam? be2′s top tips:
1. If a scam profile only contains one profile picture, which is unrealistically perfect, then it might be a photograph downloaded from the internet. Ask to see more pictures of the person, if you are unsure.
2. When a very young women contacts an older man, she often harbours financial interests. Remain cautious until you are convinced that this is not the case.
3. When a person you know only from the internet asks you for money, something is definitely dodgy about that person, even on be2. Scams usually involve invented stories that make you feel sorry for the scammer, about a sick relative or pet. Alternatively, scammers often say they need money to travel to your home town for a first date.
4. Watch out for strange phone numbers – they could be expensive hotlines – and P.O. Box addresses that don’t give a street name. Two sings that the scammer wants to disappear without a trace.
5. Always remember: if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t good or true!

How to protect yourself from dating scams? be2′s advice:
1. Don’t communicate your contact details too soon. At be2 your name, your address and other personal details remain hidden for as long as you wish.
2. Be cautious when talking about your job, family or home. Don’t give too many details and remain wary if you are asked for them.
3. Never, ever transfer money, no matter how convincing the story sounds!
4. Report suspicious profiles to our be2 scam team in the customer service department , explaining why you suspect a dating scam. If you have any questions on detecting a scam be2 profile, contact customer service via email: [email protected]

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