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be2 complaints – and our solutions

The be2 customer service department is responsible for be2 complaints. Over 50 dedicated customer care specialists form all over the world work at be2 offices to answer all messages from customers. All emails are answered within 48 hours, usually less. If you have a complaint about be2, please get in touch with our customer service agent or read on to find out what you can do about the most frequent be2 complaints
Our most common issues are customers who are not happy with their matches and customer who are not getting replies to the messages they send.

Other frequent issues the customer service team deal with include the following top be2 complaints:

1. be2 complaint – the quality of photos on the site
We recommend: ask other to post a new photo if you are not happy with what you see. be2 customers also complain about members only having one photo on their profile: Why not ask them directly post another photo? Ideally every be2 member will have at least two photographs on their profile. The main shot as a ‘head and shoulders’ picture and the others full pictures of them “in action”, doing something they love.
2. be2 complaint – incomplete profiles
At be2 we are often getting complaints about incomplete profiles: Make sure you answer all the profile questions yourself. The more questions you answer the more other users will be interested in your profile and will ask you questions. If you come across an incomplete profile, signal your interest with a personal message and let the other person know that you would love to find out more about them.
3. be2 complaint – boring profiles
Sometimes be2 customers complain that their matches’ profiles are not very interesting: Keep your profile active and interesting. Change something on your profile at least once a week. It could be a new photo, a new fact on your profile or a new greeting in your profile speech bubble (see below).
4. be2 complaint – unsuitable matches
When customers on be2 complain about their matches we often advise them to change their ‘my search’ settings: Here you can change desired criteria like height, age or location. You will probably get lots of new matches or you can reduce the number of matches if you are getting too many.
5. be2 complaint – no reply to messages
Change the way you write your messages! The way you communicate with other members is the single biggest factor in how successful you will be. Make sure your message is engaging, asks questions of your match and prompts an answer.
6. be2 complaint – incomplete profiles
Another great tip for customers on be2 complaining about low activity levels is: Message everybody you like. Don’t wait for the other person to make the first move. The only way you can really find out more about your matches and make good use of be2 is if you put the time in and message people.

To lodge a complaint with be2′s customer service , please get in touch with our customer service agent [email protected]

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