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be2 opinions from all over the world

Are you looking for an opinion on be2 – part of the biggest dating network in the world? Maybe you’ve come across be2 for the first time and are curious about the back story of the dating agency? The be2 love stories page is a great place to start if you are looking for positive be2 opinions. If you would prefer to find out more about the company, then read on for all the facts on be2.

In Australia, Canada and the US, be2 is often thought to be a relatively new dating service. In fact, be2 opinions from all over the world show that be2 is the world’s fastest-growing dating agency, with 30 million members in 39 countries. An English version of the be2 service has been online (in the UK) since 2007, but the be2 opinions online show that the dating agency has an international track record that goes back all the way to 2004.

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be2 customer service agents are always happy to hear the opinions of be2 members from all over the world! Send a message to our customer service agent [email protected] with your feedback!

If you prefer to let be2 customer service receive your opinion in a different way, please check your local be2 website if phone customer service is available in your country.

be2 opinion: our story from launch to 30 million members

Here’s a look at how be2 became the most international dating agency in the world…
2004: be2 founded in Germany
2005: be2 went online in France and Brazil.
2006: be2 launched in Switzerland and the Netherlands.
2007: online with be2 Canada, be2 USA, be2 Mexico, be2 Argentina and be2 Chile, be2 Russia, be2 Sweden, be2 Finland, be2 Austria, be2 Ireland, be2 UK, be2 Poland be2 Norway
2008: be2 went online on all 6 continents – be2 Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Ukraine, Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic, Philippines and South Africa were added.

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