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The be2 payment process

be2 Premium Membership and payments

As you know, registration for the be2 service is completely free of charge and obligations. You can do the be2 personality test, receive your personal questionnaire evaluation and take a look at the individual partner recommendations selected for you, no strings attached. Then, once you are convinced that be2 is the right service for you and you would like to write personal messages to other be2 members, you can upgrade to a Premium Membership. be2 payments are pretty easy and straightforward for internet users who are used to paying for services online, but we have summarised the be2 payment process for those who might have trouble navigating the website. If you are looking for information on ending your paid Premium Membership, please find all details here .

be2 payments step by step:

- Once you have decided that you want to upgrade to a Premium Membership, log on to your be2 account to access your profile information.
- Click the tab marked “be2 Premium Membership”.
- In this section you will be able to view the pricing of all be2 Premium Memberships that are available.
- Depending on your country, the prices may vary and there might be occasional special offers, so make sure you select the package that best suits your needs.
- Usually, you can choose between 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Sometimes there is a 1-month trial offer or other specials available.
- Once you have selected your preferred membership option, click “Continue”
- On the following page, you will be prompted to enter your payment details.
- On this page you will also see a summary of the Premium Membership you have chosen and you can review the details at the bottom of the page (price per month, total amount of one-time payment, cancellation period and duration of the automatic renewal).
- Click “Subscribe now” once you have reviewed the details of your Premium Membership and entered your credit card details.
- In some countries, there are other payment options available and these will be displayed accordingly.

Once you have paid, the be2 Premium Membership will be available for the duration you chose. It will automatically be renewed to ensure uninterrupted service, unless you cancel in time. Find information on ending your paid Premium Membership here .

Enjoy your Premium Membership and let us know if you find a partner through be2!

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