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The be2 review

be2 review: The best bits from be2

After an extraordinary period of growth and success for be2, it seems like a good idea to take stock of our achievements and assess where we have got to on our journey to creating the newest version of international matchmaking site be2. Reviews are important opportunities for reflection and here we aim to ensure that we take an honest and clear sighted view of be2’s achievements. Where are we and where do we want to go?

be2 review:
more members than ever

In any be2 review of past progress we have to start with a celebration of the extraordinary growth both of members and of countries where we deliver our service. The popularity of be2 is a sure sign of the good experiences customers have with us. No site can prosper without happy customers and we are proud that be2 has created so many happy couples all around the world. It’s this success that has been the core to our ability to attract nearly 30 million members and deliver our service to 35 countries, all within just eight years of starting! And remember: lots of members are not just good for be2, but good for be2′s members. More members mean more matching potential and more suitable partners somewhere near you!

be2 review: an improved service

It’s a happy be2 review that can look back with pride on its attitude to continuous improvement for the customer. We have done much to improve our service both in terms of refining the matching algorithm, making the site more attractive and easy to use and building up our customer services and support function.But that doesn’t mean our work is done – we know that there is always room for improvement and that is why we would love to hear from the people that really matter for a be2 review: the users!

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