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be2’s sweet little heart. As seen on TV!

Have you ever wondered how be2 brings so many happy couples together? Well, now the secrets out, and our love searching heart is running around a television screen near you.

The be2 dating heart is our new mascot, fresh off the drawing board, and appears in a new TV commercial currently being screened. The running little heart is shown tirelessly searching out true romance for one of our customers, comparing interests and values, just like the system does in real life.

It’s a hard working heart: Watch our new advert and you can see our heart walking, our heart running as pigeons fly away, our heart with an iPad and even our heart riding on a scooter! – Clever little love searching heart!

TV commercial with heart

 Nobody likes a disappointed heart, that’s why we’ve made sure our advert has a happy ending! Sure enough our heart finds partnership and love for the two protagonists and ‘as the curtain falls’ they are walking heart to heart through the park. be2’s cute heart makes it happen!

Heart and Whistle TV spot.

Not just a dating heart it is also a whistling heart, humming out a catchy little tune that you can find more about in my previous blog post. We think it makes for a sweet advert that will bee too much for our customers to resist!

Let us know what you think, we’d love to know…

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