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The Best Job in the World

Have you ever thought about the people behind be2? Ever considered whether the people who write these blog posts, customer emails, or website content, like their job? Whether be2 is a good workplace? I’d like to tell you a little about working at be2:

At be2, a job is not just a job. Everyone is involved in our shared project, to help singles find the right match, but each individual employee contributes to that goal in a different way. We are a young workplace with lots of energy, creativity, and positive inspiration. There’s always space for new ideas and initiatives. Projects are being launched constantly, and thought is usually followed by action… with a little translation help, since we come from 37 countries. We’re proud of our job – helping people find love – and this year we’re especially proud of having reached 20 million members worldwide.

Socially, we have a lot of activities going: Movie nights, cooking sessions, and lunch meetings are being held regularly across the departments. Currently, we have lots of FIFA World Cup 2010 events. Also, once each quarter, our Munich office hosts an “international week” where all colleagues from our international offices gather at be2 headquarters. During this time, job and pleasure merge in a productive, positive atmosphere. At the final party, everybody mingles – seniority and title aside. It’s all about having a good time, getting on the dance floor, and getting to know new colleagues you might not normally talk to in your job at be2.

This be2 blogger couldn’t imagine a better job or a more positive workplace.

If you’d like to know more about jobs at be2, just ask!

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