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Blue Monday 2013 – fight the most depressing day of the year with a personal message

Blue Monday is the title of a popular New Order Song. With its repeated lyrics asking „ How do I feel? Tell me now, how should I feel?“, it’s a melancholic ode blue monday messageto most people’s least favourite day of the week. A few years ago, scientists took it upon themselves to calculate which day of the year is the bluest of all blue Mondays. According to their calculations, the third Monday in January is officially the most depressing day of the year. This year, Blue Monday 2013 fall on January the 21st.

After a relaxing Christmas, the new year’s resolutions are getting harder and harder to keep, the days are short, the weather’s awful (at least in the Northern Hemisphere – the research came from Britain), and there is little to look forward to in immediate future.

All these reasons and more make January peak season for online dating. January is the most active month of the year for online matchmaking sites like be2. The good news is that a message in your be2 inbox on a Monday morning can do wonders to fight a bad case of the Blue Mondays!

Make yourself – and someone else – happy on Blue Monday and send a message to one of your matches!

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