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Cancelling Your Matchmaking Site Membership

 woman-onlineThere is only one reason why singles register with a matchmaking site: They want to find a partner. On the other hand, there are many reasons to cancel a matchmaking site membership:

  • Some singles want to cancel because they have successfully found a partner and are convinced that they will never again need the services of a matchmaking service.
  • They have tried to find a partner, unsuccessfully, and are now convinced that online matchmaking is simply not for them.
  • They are not happy with the matchmaking service, but they will try their luck with another online matchmaking agency.
  • They simply don’t have the time needed to find a partner at the moment.

By the way: at be2 we know the main reason members cancel their online matchmaking membership : More than 40% of all be2 Premium Members who are asked for their reason during the cancellation process state that they are cancelling their matchmaking membership because they have found a partner.

Whatever your reasons for cancelling your matchmaking membership, here’s how to do it:

  1. Deactivate your matchmaking profile If you don’t have the time for matchmaking at the moment, but still want to find a partner, you can simply deactivate your matchmaking profile – reactivate it anytime. Both can be done easily in your profile settings. As soon as your profile is deactivated, you will no longer be listed as a partner recommendation for other be2 members and won’t receive any partner recommendations yourself. Your profile remains stored and ready for you whenever you want to use it again.
  2. Delete your matchmaking profile If you are certain that you will never need your matchmaking profile again, you can delete it. But be careful: there is no undoing the deletion! Your profile will disappear from the matchmaking database and can’t be reactivated. Your username will be blocked for security reasons. However, deactivating your matchmaking profile is not the same a cancelling your matchmaking membership.
  3. Cancelling your matchmaking membership There are several ways of cancelling your premium matchmaking membership. Depending on your country of residence, it is possible to cancel via email, fax or post. Find out more in the FAQs . Don’t forget to share your success story with other members if you have found a partner through be2 !

If you have any questions relating to cancelling your matchmaking site membership, please contact be2 customer service via email: [email protected]

Please note that cancellation requests left in the comments of this blog are not a valid cancellation method. However, we do our best to forward these comments to be2 customer service.

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