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Coffee: A Stimulating Aphrodisiac

Trust the Americans to come up with this: We all know Coffee is an aphrodisiac, due to its stimulating qualities. We wrote about aphrodisiac foods before on this blog and there is no shortage of natural aphrodisiac foods. But in the land of bigger is better, that wasn’t enough, so an American company came up with the

coffee date

aphrodisiac Power Magic Coffee that is allegedly even more effective than your regular cuppa.

 If this Magic Power Coffee really works, it might help convert a lot of British tea drinkers to coffee drinkers in a very short time!

However, excitement about the “aphrodisiac coffee” has already been dampened, because the American FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) already issued a warning about some dangerous substances contained in Magic Power Coffee, which, in combination with some medication, can cause dizziness and lightheadedness.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the aphrodisiac qualities of regular coffee. Going for a cup of coffee on a first date with a potential partner is a great, casual way to break the ice. Once you have found someone through an online dating site, exchanged a few messages and found out that you have a lot in common, the next step is a first date, so why not meet over a coffee?

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