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Crash, Boom, Bang! New be2 TV ad shows sparks flying in Australia

The last be2 TV ad was launched just over two years ago. We were very fond of the cute little matchmaking heart. but now it was time for a new approach. Our creative team went back to square one and thought about what matchmaking is really all about. What matters to singles when they sign up for be2′s matchmaking service? The result: the most beautifully romantic be2 ad ever! But see for yourself:

Of course, there are plenty of rational reasons to look for a partner with the help of be2: The matchmaker offers a fast, effective search; be2′s matching is based on a personality test grounded in decades of personality research and relationship studies; finally, more than 30 million members all over the world rely on be2′s services to help them find the love of their lives.

And still we know that people don’t really join be2 – or any matchmaking service – for rational reasons. Singles looking for a partner are motivated by emotions: they long for a person to share their life with, they want lova and flying sparks. Just like the couples in the be2 TV ad you see oben, enjoying each others’ company, holding hands, laughing… and finally enjoying that first kiss that sends sparks flying!

The images say it all, so there is little need for words…
“We find the right partner for you! Register free on be2.com.au”

The new be2 TV ad isn’t just successful because of the explosive images, but also thanks to the romantic song, which was composed and performed especially for this ad by a Swedish band:
Matilda Sjöberg & Nils Dahl, “Love is right here”

The ad is currently airing in Australia and will successively be launched in other countries, too.
Have you seen the be2 ad on Australian TV? Let us know what you think!

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