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Dating Dos and Don’ts Get New Love Off to a Good Start

First Date Dos

So you’ve found someone at be2 who might just be your future partner… at least, they’re your partner for tonight, because you’re going on your first date. If you keep our first date dos and don’ts in mind, you’ll soon be on your way to true love.


  1. keep an open mind: The person you are meeting may be a little different from the way you imagined them, so don’t build up expectations that are too specific, or you may be disappointed.
  2. keep it light: the key to a successful first date is to enjoy it – save the serious stuff for later in the relationship. A positive outlook leaves a positive first impression.
  3. smile! You’re on a date – that’s a good thing, right?
  4. listen attentively. Everyone loves a good listener, so show interest and throw in questions. Maintain eye contact, but just enough to create a feeling of intimacy, without staring your date down.
  5. take the next step. If you want to take the relationship further, call or email to say you had a good time and hope you can meet up again soon for a second date.

Next time: what not to do on a first date

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