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Dating Etiquette: Don’t be on Time, Dress Appropriately and let the Guy Pay

First dates are always cause for excitement. Mostly, that’s a good thing: those first-date butterflies are an amazing feeling and they let you know that you are preparing for something special. On the other hand, you don’t want to be too nervous before a first date, either.

The best way to play down first-date nerves is perfect preparation. And what better way to prepare than finding out what singles consider good dating etiquette? We asked singles looking for a date through be2 and found out…

The 4 top rules of dating etiquette

  1. Dating Etiquette Rule: Let the man pay
    There are situations where singles should go with the times and there are situations where it pays to be old fashioned. First dates obviously count as the latter. Funnily, men are more willing to pay than women women are prepared to accept: 30% of the male singles who took part in the survey think the man should pay on a first date, while only 10% of single women feel the same. 56% of women would insist on splitting the bill. The most diplomatic (and romantic) solution to this dilemma is for the man to pay and tell the woman that she can pay next time. This avoids the awkward situation of splitting the bill and also leaves a nice opening for the next date. Amazingly, under 25s are the most old-fashioned in when it comes to splitting the bill on a first date: they are almost twice as likely to let that the man pay for the date.
  2. Dating Etiquette Rule: Be fashionably late
    Obviously, standing someone up on a first date is a massive no-go. But that doesn’t mean you have to be overly punctual either. Over 80% of all singles in the survey would not mind their date being late for their first date. In fact, 69% would just be relieved they had shown up at all! However, watch out for different attitudes according to age groups: over 55s are twice as likely to complain if a date is late for a first date.
  3. Dating Etiquette Rule: Dress appropriately
    What to wear on a first date depends on many things, mainly on the time and location. We have given advice on what to wear on a first date before. The main thing to keep in mind is that your outfit matters – and that you are unlikely to find out from your date whether or not they actually like your choice of clothing. 15% of singles would say something if they didn’t like what someone was wearing on a first date.
  4. Dating Etiquette Rule: Be flexible
    Remember that a first date is about getting to know someone in a relaxed atmosphere. You don’t want to force yourself to do something you don’t feel like doing, but that doesn’t mean everything has to go your way. Most singles are quite happy to go along with a suggestion, even if it isn’t exactly what they would have chosen to do. Nearly three quarters of single women would go to a film they didn’t like, as well as more than half of the men who responded. Overall women proved to have the more accommodating attitudes than men, but under 25s would be less willing to see a film they didn’t like.

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