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Facebook and Dating: The New Relationship Rules

facebook-and-datingAt first glance, Facebook and dating look like a great combination. You can connect with a person you met on a night out without all that pesky “can I get your number” business. If you know their name or if they are friends with your friends, you can look them up and send them a friend request. Once that is done, you can cyber-stalk away…

Facebook and dating combined let you find out a potential date’s likes and dislikes, see where they hang out, which parties and concerts they will be going to. You can even trace their Facebook and dating history by scanning their wall for posts from exes!

Once you are sure that Facebook has told you enough about this potential date, you can try dating for real. Then, when you get past the dating stage, Facebook allows you to make your relationship official, leaving little room for ambiguity. Once a person’s relationship status changes, you know where you stand.

BUT, you guessed it, there is a downside to Facebook and dating, which we is why we have compiled a few rules that any single should take to heart if they want to combine Facebook and dating.

Facebook and Dating: 5 relationship rules for social media


  1. The first relationship rule is one that counts for any actions on Facebook, but especially for dating: If you wouldn’t tell your parents about it, don’t share it on Facebook . For most people (depending on your family) that means no drunk party pics, no lewd sex jokes, no embarrassing fan pages. If you stick to that rule, you don’t have to worry about a potential date being put off by your Facebook profile.
  2. On a related note, don’t change your relationship status on Facebook until you are sure that you would be happy to introduce the person you are dating to your friends and family. Because essentially, that is what you are doing by changing your relationship status. Not only will your Facebook friends see your status change to “in a relationship”, they will see it change back to “single”, so don’t change it lightly!
  3. Don’t forget that, while you are delighted that you can follow your date’s every move on Facebook, they can see everything you post, too! So don’t post anything that would provoke unnecessary jealousy , insecurity or even distrust. If in doubt, a selective privacy setting is your friend – use it!
  4. Once the dating phase is over and you reach relationship status (on and off Facebook), you will sooner or later have a row. Such are the facts of life and you might as well hear it from us ;) But you don’t need to make matters worse by dragging your relationship problems on to Facebook – thus involving all your friends in an essentially private matter. Keep your private issues private , anything else would be almost like having a full-blown row in the middle of your best friend’s birthday party.
  5. Once a relationship ends, staying friends can be torture. If seeing updates from your ex (invariably positive, happy with a new partner, because obviously no ex wants to give you the satisfaction of seeing them unhappy after the breakup) is keeping you from moving on, then you need to de-friend your ex . Maybe write them a friendly message explaining why you feel it is better for both of you to go your separate – Facebook and dating – ways in future, then click “remove from friends” and move on!

The main problem with Facebook and dating is that Facebook is not a dating website. Dating was never the main goal and it is not what most people use Facebook for. Hence, when you start to mix Facebook and dating, things can get messy. If you want to stay on the safe side, keep Facebook and dating separate and use a real online dating website to find a new relationship. It may seem like extra hassle, setting up another profile, checking messages and uploading pictures to another site, but you will avoid the pitfalls of Facebook and dating, as illustrated above!

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