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First Date Fashion Advice for Women

date-fashionWhat role does fashion play in your dating success? Is there such a thing as the ideal first date fashion? First date fashion for women in 2010 is becoming less influenced by the financial crisis: the look is chic and classical, but with a rising optimism in both colour choice as well as new, creative details added to an otherwise simple cut. Dating fashion follows its own rules:

1. First date fashion should always emphasize your strong points
• Women in tight t-shirts is always a hit – especially on those with trimmed torsos.
• Slender women can wear tight fit, while the chubbier should choose a baggier fashion.
• Women with feminine curves had better reveal their cleavage, whereas sporty girls could underline their behind instead.
• However, you should always remember that you are on a date, not as a sales show, so don’t put too much of your goods on display!

2. Choose a first date fashion style that suits not only your body, but also your personality
• If you’re funny and sparkling, show it in your colour choice!
• If you’d prefer to look serious, black and grey is always a classy and secure choice.
• Even if you are very fashion-forward, in the early dating phase with a new boyfriend, don’t wear anything too daring (but don’t dress too dull either).
• Avoid extremes such as a really girlie look or a totally strict business suit.

3. Be comfortable on a first date
• Choose clothes in which you feel comfortable, physically as well as psychologically.
• Hit an appropriate level between Chanel bags and Louboutin heels on the one hand and creased t-shirts and washed-out jeans on the other.
• Try to combine and create your own first date fashion, which could be both individual and feminine – something that underscores your personality and indicates who you are.

The goal for ideal first date fashion is: to be attractive, but feel at ease at the same time. And remember: On date night, charm and personal attraction will always be more important than first date fashion, but if you get your outfit right, you’re set up for success.

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If you are unsure about your perfect first date fashion look and want to experiment before you pick an outfit, try creating a mood board on polyvore , like we did here…

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