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Fun Facts about Wedding Customs and Traditions

If you have ever been to a wedding in a foreign country, you probably know that wedding customs and traditions are often very different from one country to the next. We put together a list of some interesting wedding customs and traditions from all around the world.

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International Wedding Traditions and Customs

  1. Cuban weddings are famous for various festivities. The best known is probably the money dance. This is when all the men who dance with the bride have to pin money on her dress to help with the expenses of the honeymoon.
  2. In India the groom wears white clothes, the bride a red sari. They exchange flower garlands and toe rings. Before entering the temple, they go around a sacred fire seven times and they invoke the gods to grant them a happy life. The groom marks the forehead of his wife with a red dot (poddu); she will erase it after her husband’s death.
  3. The red color plays a key role during the wedding festivities in China . Red is considered to bring luck. In addition, this color symbolizes love, prosperity and happiness. That’s why everything is red: the bride’s dress, the accessories, the wedding invitations, the gift wrap, etc.
  4. During the wedding ceremony in Spain , the groom gives his bride 13 gold coins, to show his responsibility for her and his trust. The bride gives these coins back, to show her commitment to support him. This is an ancient tradition, where the 13 coins symbolize Jesus and his 12 apostles. 

  5. In Denmark , there is a traditional wedding custom of cutting off the toe of the groom’s right sock during the feast. No other women will be attracted to a man wearing a sock with holes! However, the Danish like to kiss a lot. So as soon as the bride leaves the room, all the female guests acquire the right to kiss the groom on the mouth. The same practice applies to the bride, of course!
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