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Is HE THE One?

Love is all you need. If only it were that simple. In reality it’s more like: Love, good chemistry, reliability, sensitivity …and lots more… is all you need.

But how can you tell if the man you’re in love with right now is the one you really could have a happy relationship with? Ideally you should find out early on in a relationship if he could be the One, rather than investing time in a relationship that has no real future. We have put together a few signs that let you know if HE is THE One for a happy relationship:

  1. He’s not like all the others
    Some women always go for the same type. Even if they never find real happiness with that type of man, they keep making the same mistake. If a man is not like all the other guys it DIDN’T work out with, there’s a pretty good chance it WILL work out with him.
  2. She’s comfortable with him
    Women often think a lot more about what a man is like than about what THEY feel like when they are with him. One of the most important indicators that a man could be the One is simply that you feel comfortable being around him. As simple as that
  3. She’s comfortable around him in company
    Of course it’s not good enough feeling comfortable around him at home in front of the telly. You should be happy to introduce him to friends, family and colleagues. If you keep making excuses because you don’t want to be seen with him, there must be a reason.
  4. She can tell him anything
    A relationship based on dishonesty and secrecy won’t last. If there is anything you can’t talk about, for example because he gets jealous, that’s a problem – maybe it won’t be an immediate issue, but he can’t be the One in the long run.
  5. He listens
    Of course the reverse is true, too – she should be able to tell him anything, he should be able to tell her anything and both should be able and willing to listen. If he loves to talk about himself endlessly, but his eyes start glazing over when the topic changes to something other than himself, he’s probably not the One.
  6. He thinks of everything
    …well, he’s allowed to forget stuff now and then, but not all the time. If on the other hand, he not only remembers birthdays and anniversaries, but even the date of an important work presentation – and sends flowers for good luck – he might just be the One.
  7. He loves her just the way she is
    The man who could be the one can’t just admire your beauty when you’re all dressed up for a night out – he even thinks you’re beautiful when you’re stumbling from bed to bathroom to brush your teeth in the morning.
  8. He gets on with women – but not too well
    It’s important that a man treats all women with respect – for example his colleagues, sisters or his mother. Of course that doesn’t mean he gets a free pass to flirt with his secretary or the waitress at his local!
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