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Help! It’s World Cup Time! How NOT to lose your Boyfriend to Football

 footballThe ball is rolling on the field, you want to cuddle with your boyfriend, but he is stuck to the TV…

It’s the football World Cup and if there ever is a time to go football-mad, this is it! Even people who usually take no interest in football, become fans for four weeks, so if your boyfriend is a real football fan, he will have time for little else while the World Cup is on.

Here are some ideas to help you make the most out of the football World Cup with your boyfriend:

  - What about asking him: “Where are we watching today’s game: my place or 110x80_facebook_wc_coupleyours?” This is an excellent chance to show an interest in his Hobby. Maybe in return he will take part in something that interests you – after the World Cup, of course ;)

- Women who don’t like soccer can find it hard to show enthusiasm for the World Cup, but even if you don’t care about the game, you can enjoy looking at the players! Instead of following the scores, you can keep your eye on the rankings for the sexiest football players.110x80_facebook_wc_woman

- If you find it hard to stifle a yawn during a boring match, enjoy the images the TV stations show of the fans – and get infected with the enthusiasm, imagination and creativity of the people who love football! Emotions are also rolling, not just the ball…

- If you are sick of your boyfriend and his buddies acting like they are the greatest football experts ever, watch the match with your girlfriends. Women usually find other, more entertaining, topics to talk about than offside-rules.

- Or, if you want to beat the men at their own game, do a bit of research on the internet before the next match and brush up on your football knowledge: 110x80_facebook_wc_manwho will be the next adversary, are they any good, what are the odds and who is the favourite… Then impress your boyfriend and his friends with your knowledge.

- The most basic rules during the game:
1. Don’t chat during exciting phases of the match.
2. Don’t stand in front of the TV.
3. Turn off your phone.
4. Ask your boyfriend any questions during half-time, not in the middle of the match.

Soccer is sacred to some men and if you understand that, it will be good for your relationship! Especially, if you can celebrate a victory together in the end…

>>>Or, if you’re sick of listening to your boyfriend talk about football day and night, find a boyfriend who doesn’t care about the World Cup at be2 ;)

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