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How to add a Picture to your be2 Profile – FAQs and Tips

We have said it before and we are quite happy to say it again… and again and again, until every be2 member has the best profile picture possible:

A good profile picture is really, really important!

A profile with a nice picture can receive up to twice as many contact requests as a profile without a picture and it can really make the difference between successful matchmaking and endless searching. If you are having trouble choosing the right picture, uploading a picture to your profile or viewing somebody’s profile picture, we will try to answer all your questions here.profilephotos

Q: How do I pick a good profile picture?
The be2 photo upload gives you a pretty good summary of what a good profile picture should look like: 

If you want more tips on how to pick a good profile picture, read our 7 tips for the best photo here .

Q: How do I upload a photo to my profile?

Uploading pictures to your profile is easy. Ideally, you should add a picture to your profile as soon as you register. If you skipped this step, select “My Photos” in your profile view, pick the right photo from your hard drive and click “Upload”. you then have the option to crop the selected picture.

be2 profile picture upload
Q: I can’t upload a photo, what am I doing wrong?

Make sure that your picture is in the right format, not too small or too large. Acceptable formats are .gif, .bmp, .png or .jpg, the minimum size is 288 x 360 pixels and the file has to be smaller than 5MB. If you are not sure if the picture you have picked fits the requirements, right-click the file and click on “properties” – then you can see the format and size.

Q: Why was my picture rejected by be2?bad profile photos

To prevent scams and fake profiles, our Customer Service team views every picture submitted (usually within 24 hours). If you are notified that your photo has not been approved, it might be for one of these reasons: your face is not clearly recognisable, there are children in the picture, or a group of people. Any picture that clearly does not depict you, will not be approved, for example: picture of a celebrity, pictures of landscapes and comics.

Q: Who gets to see my picture at be2?

You decide who gets to see your picture. You can make your profile picture visible to all your partner recommendations or you can allow individual members to see photos of you.
release profile picture to partner recommendations

Q: I can’t see the picture of someone who is in my list of partner recommendations. Why?profile picture on be2

Maybe your partner recommendation has not given you permission to view their photo yet. Why not send a message and let them know that you would love to find out what they look like.

Q: All the pictures of my be2 partner recommendations are blurred. Why can’t I see the pictures properly?

To view pictures of your partner recommendations, you need to purchase a be2 Premium Membership. All the available Premium Membership packages allow you to read and write messages and to view pictures that were released for you. Premium Membership even come with a success guarantee!

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