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How to contact be2 customer service

be2 customer service contacts and procedure

At be2 we like to see our customers happy. When you contact be2 customer service customer service, your feedback is embedded into our improvement strategy. Our team can be contacted through the website, by email and in some countries by phone. 50 customer care agents work to ensure all messages from customers are dealt with promptly and effectively.

Frequent be2 customer service issues

be2 customers contact us with all sorts of questions. Much of the feedback is positive or easily solved, but some members also contact us with complaints, criticism or negative feedback, for instance if they are not happy with their matches and or when they are not getting replies to the messages they send.

Customer service FAQ at be2:

We might be able to save you the hassle of contacting be2 directly with this handy list of issues that be2 customer service representatives deal with regularly – and that have an easy solution. For any other queries, please contact be2 customer service directly:
1. Quality of photos and suitability of matches on be2. We encourage everyone who contacts us about the results of their matching and the quality of profiles they see on the site to change their search settings. By changing search criteria like looks, age or location, be2 members can get more partner recommendations or less, depending on how specific the settings are.
2. When customers on be2 contact us because they are not getting a lot of contact requests from other members, we first ask them if they are proactively write messages themselves. You’d be amazed how many singles complain about not receiving messages, without ever sending out a message themselves. That’s the equivalent to sitting alone by the bar waiting for someone to chat you up all night in a club – it might happen, but you could do something to increase your chances. Don’t wait for others to make the first move, but message people that you find interesting. If others send you a message, always reply, even if it’s only to tell them you’re not interested.
3. be2 customers often contact customer service with questions regarding payment, billing or cancellation. See the linked articles to find out more about these topics
4. If you want to contact be2 with a request, feedback or criticism, please get in touch with our customer service agent th[email protected]. If you wish to contact be2 customer service in a different way, please check your local branch of the be2 website for the availability of phone customer service. If this is available in your branch, the contact number will be listed along with the be2 fax number and address. Please contact customer service directly if you have a question related to the be2 Premium Membership, so we can look into your case in detail.

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