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How does the be2 Premium Membership work? be2 Payment, Conditions, Advantages

At be2, you can register free of charge, take the free personality test and view partner recommendations for free. However, to experience all the advantages of be2, you will probably want to make a payment for be2′s Premium Membership sooner or later. Here, we offer you all the advantages and conditions of the be2 Premium Membership at a glance.

Advantages after payment of the be2 Premium Membership:  

  • With a be2 Premium Membership, you can read all the personal messages you receive and write messages to other users. Non-Premium Members can only send pre-written, generic messages.
  • As a be2 Premium Member, you can see all pictures that partner recommendations have released for you. Pictures are blurred for non-Premium Members.
  • Any be2 Premium Membership of 3 months or longer comes with a full success guarantee. We promise that you will establish contact with at least 10 of our partner recommendations within the duration of your Premium Membership. If you make less than 10 contacts, your Premium Membership is extended free of charge.

Conditions and payment options for be2 Premium Membership:
You can pick the be2 Premium Membership that suits you best:

  1. The 1-month trial offer is great for people who are not yet sure if they want to commit to a longer Premium Membership. It’s a lower one-time payment than the longer Premium Memberships, but it does not include the success guarantee. Also, 1 month is not a lot of time and you may be disappointed if you haven’t found your perfect match in such a short space.
  2. 3 months is a far more realistic time span and many members choose this payment when they first buy a Premium Membership.
  3. The 6-month Premium Membership is our most popular product and promises the highest chance of success, for a lower monthly payment.
  4. If you really want to take your time to search for the right person, then choose the 12-month Premium Membership. The success guarantee ensures that you will get the most out of this Premium Membership.

  Check the be2 payment page in your personal be2 member area for the current Premium Membership prices.

  • If you already are a Premium Member, you can check your Premium Membership status and find out how long it is valid, by visiting your member homepage and clicking “Personal Profile/Settings/Premium Membership”.
  • You can end the automatic renewal of your Premium Membership at any time. Find out about cancelling your Premium Membership here.

If you have any questions relating to be2 payment and the Premium Membership, please contact be2 customer service via email: [email protected]

Please note that comments left on this blog are not guaranteed to reach our customer service.
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