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How to End a Relationship

Beginning a relationship can be hard. But a breakup can be just as hard – if you don’t do it right! If you stick to these tips that tell you how to end a relationship, you might just survive the breakup unharmed…


Or: How to break up with your girlfriend while you still can!

  1. Make sure that you are the first person to tell her that you want to break up.
    Otherwise you will be dealing with a woman scorned before you even get a chance to actually scorn her (so to speak)
  2. Choose a neutral place – not at your own nor at her house.  
    Bonus: if you break up in a public place, she is less likely to cause a scene.
  3. Tell her yourself – and in person.
    No messengers, letters, emails, text messages, post it notes (it’s all been done and it’s simply bad form).
  4. Make it clear – but make it short.
    You need to give a reason for your breakup, but you don’t need to discuss every single good and bad aspect of your relationship at length.
  5. Make it seem logical – to her and to yourself.
    It might help to write down your reasons before the breakup, in order to get them straight.
  6. Don’t change your mind!
    No matter how much she cries, begs or pleads. If you backtrack now, it will be so much harder to give it a second try.
  7. Set an end to ending it.
    It’s not a bad idea to have an appointment planned so you can leave at an appropriate time.

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