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How to Get Married – Advice on Finding a Husband

Are you dreaming of a trip down the aisle, of the perfect dress to wear and the perfect man to say “yes” to in front of the altar? But is that dream becoming ever more unrealistic as you get older and the men you date turn out not to be husband material?

Are the men the problem or is your behaviour part of the reason you are having trouble finding a husband? Imagine how much happier you could be if you knew how to pick – and keep – a man who wants what you want. In short: would your life be happier if you knew knew how to get married ?

This review of „How to Get Married After 35“ , a book about finding a husband (for „older“ women who want to get married) was a really interesting read. The article gives a nice overview of the book’s chapters and the strategies suggested for finding a husband. There is one thing I don’t like about books like this (and we’ll get to that later), but there is one thing I like about this book and the tips it offers to women who want to get married:

1. It asks women to take responsibility for finding a husband (or a potential husband, at least) rather than telling them how to make themselves attractive for a man and then wait for him to take the initiative.
2. It encourages women to do some soul-searching to find out want they actually want and need from a man and why they want to get married. That way finding a husband becomes a purposeful search for women rather than a means to an end.
3. It clearly outlines the types of men women should steer clear of. As women who desperately want to get married are especially vulnerable to men who will make them unhappy, this is very solid advice.


Here’s the list of men to avoid when finding a husband:

- The Broken Man: The kind in need of serious fixing
- The Crybaby: Lacking in maturity
- The Reluctant Adult: The 40 year old teenager
- The Phony Manipulator: Basic con artist
- The Dangerous Misfit: Enjoys being different
- The Dancer: Likes to dance around marriage subject to avoid it
- The Casanova: Many partners
- The Married Man: Just a bad idea
- The Abuser: Stay clear of
- The Criminal: Another bad idea

So much for the things I like about the book „How to Get Married After 35“ , but there is one thing I don’t like about books like this in general. They give women the feeling that finding a husband is a goal in itself, whereas women should really focus on finding a loving partner who is a good match for their personality and then begin to think about whether it is an option to get married to that person.

It just doesn’t seem like a good idea to approach the search for a partner from this angle, because searching for a husband might eliminate some men from certain women’s search, purely due to the fact that they are not ready to commit to marriage from the start.

Instead, women who are looking for a husband should focus primarily on finding a partner who is a good match. The be2 personality test will help women find out more about themselves and their needs in a relationship. Once they get their own priorities straight, they can find a man who is well-suited to their own personality profile.

Men and women who use a serious matchmaking service like be2 are already searching for a long-term commitment, so marriage is probably on the cards for most of them. Just remember: don’t make finding a husband the first goal – it will come automatically to women once they find the right man!

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