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How to Look Good Online…. Professional Online Dating Profile Picture Tips

Online Dating Profile Picture TipsWant to look good online to increase your chances of finding a partner through an online dating site? We asked singles looking for a date through be2 how to show off your best side online. Your online dating profile picture is one of the most important determining factors that can make or break a successful profile on an online dating site. Almost a quarter of singles searching for love through be2 agree that the profile picture is the most important factor when deciding which singles to contact online.

If the profile picture is so important, why do so many singles skimp on that aspect of their online dating profile? In a recent survey of 2,218 singles registered with be2 , 50% of photos submitted by singles to be2 were deemed insufficiently attractive. We aren’t talking about the looks of the person in the picture, just the quality of the photo itself.

Many singles undersell themselves with their profile pictures, even though they could present themselves so much better. Particularly for Premium Members, it’s a question of getting the most out of the service. Our be2 customer service sees a lot of bad profile pictures and gives advice to customers on how to improve their profile with a nice picture. Here, be2 UK customer service agent Caylin Giles explains some of the biggest mistakes they come across:

Top mistakes in bad online dating profile photos.

  1. Looking stiff: “Generally, when taking your profile picture it is good to get someone else involved, and to do it in a public place. Photos of users alone in their rooms don’t always give the best results.”
  2. Barely visible: “In a good profile photo the subject should take up at least 50% of the photo and should be the main focus of attention.”
  3. Uncomfortable pose or situation: “Often the key to a good profile photo is to capture yourself in a natural pose doing something you enjoy. This has two benefits. Firstly, people tend to come across better if they are not posing for the photo but have been captured at a ‘natural’ moment. Second, by telling other users about a type of activity that is important to them users may prompt and enquiry. “
  4. Out of date: “Our most active customers keep their photos relevant, posting new pictures when they have come back from holiday, when they have a new hair cut or even with the changing seasons. “

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