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I want Children! What if my Partner doesn’t?

  man wants childrenFor people who want children, being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want children can mean a tough decision – should they sacrifice a happy relationship just because they want children? Or should they give up on having children to keep the relationship? Singles looking for a partner that they can one day have children with face a different dilemma: How can they find singles who also want children?

A recent study not only found out what the reasons are that prevent people from wanting children and which factors have an influence on their decision. More than 1.000 childless women and men were questioned.

The results of the study should also answer questions lingering on the minds of people who want children:

    • If you are single and want children, you can find a partner who shares your wishes.
      The overwhelming majority of people who don’t have children, want to. 66 % say „I definitely want children“ or „I maybe want children”. Out of those who don’t have, but want children 44 % don’t have children yet, because they haven’t found the right partner yet. Single men in particular are looking for women who want children. More than half of the men questioned are looking for a partner to have children with. Only 33 % are looking for a father for their future children.
    • If you are single, over 35, and looking for a partner who wants children, your chances are even better.
      Those singles in the survey that were 35 and over were even more likely to respond that they haven’t had children yet, because they haven’t found the right person to have them with. 59 % in this age group have yet to find the right partner.
    • If you are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want children yet, you can do something about it.
      Many people who want children are being held back by pretty mundane obstacles: 63 % want more financial security, 48 % see their job or education as their first priority. If you want children now, but your partner isn’t ready yet, you need to eliminate those obstacles. Start by sorting out your finances and work out a plan that allows both of you to keep up your careers, even with a child. 
    • If you are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want children at all, you might be able to change their mind.
      Those 22 % of men and women surveyed who don’t want any children might yet be swayed. Surprisingly, men are particularly willing to revise their attitude: 74 % of men and 55 % of women might change their mind about having children. 42 % would think differently if they were more financially secure, 34 % would reconsider if they had a reliable child minder, 33 % would be willing to consider having children if they had a secure job and 32 % could be convinced by a loving and supportive partner by their side.

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