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Insecurity in Relationships: Which European Singles Find Themselves Least Attractive (You’ll be Surprised!)

When we asked European singles from different countries some questions on confidence and assertiveness, the one thing we didn’t expect was high levels of insecurity in relationships in the responses from French singles. Surely, the French are hardly perceived as the most insecure Europeans when it comes to dating?

However, it seems that French singles may be suffering from insecurity in relationships. When completing the be2 personality test, French singles revealed that they score themselves lowest for attractiveness, compared to other nationalities and are less likely to express their feelings for someone they like, for fear of being rejected.

The most confident European singles are Italian women, who rate themselves the most attractive and are most likely to make the first move without any sign of insecurity in relationships.

How do we know about European singles’ insecurity in relationships?

All European singles that register with be2 complete the same science-based personality test. These answers allow be2 to provide a unique personality profile that helps the matching algorithm find other singles that are a good match.

One of the questions in the personality test asks singles to rate their own attractiveness: 

Another question asks users how likely they would be to make the first move:

When you take the answers to both questions together and compare them by nation, the results are quite surprising.

Asked how they rate their own attractiveness, Italian and Dutch singles have relatively high perceptions of their own attractiveness and women tend to have higher scores than men. Asked if they are prepared to make the first move, the sense of their own beauty does not always correlate with assertiveness.

However, there are some obvious parallels, with Italian singles in general rating themselves the most attractive and also scoring highly on assertiveness. Italian women, in particular, see themselves as the most beautiful and assertive European singles. So far, so true to stereotype.

 But the results of French singles surprised us: French men were proportionally least assertive and confident in their and a quarter of all French men would not make the first move out of insecurity in relationships.

The great thing about science-based matchmaking? be2 finds the right partner for European singles based on these replies, so all singles are matched to partners that are well suited. And those singles who are worried about their insecurity in relationships can rely on the personality test result, personal introductions and tools like the internal messaging system and the ‘just ask’ quiz to make it easy to take the first step.

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