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Kinsey’s Sex Study – The Newest Sex Studies Online

Did you see the film Kinsey ? (Trailer after the jump)?

Then you don’t just know about Alfred Kinsey’s studies on sex, but also about his personal sex life. He was the first to ask people questions about sex that no one before him had dared to ask – and he put his theories to the test. And because he was a scientist and asked so many questions (500) of so many people (20.000) that the results were statistically relevant, the Kinsey report made him famous.

What many don’t know: The famous Kinsey report on the sexual habits of Americans wasn’t the end of his research. On the contrary – the Kinsey Institute has a user-friendly, informative Website that still asks all the questions others don’t dare to ask (even if the number of those who don’t dare is significantly smaller today). So, if you have a question about sex , visit the site – you will probably find an answer there.

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