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Love or Sex on Valentine’s Day – should the day of love also be a day for sex?

Whether single or in a relationship, Valentine’s day is all about love for most people. About 1 Billion romantic cards are sent and over 50 Million roses are given for Valentine’s day all over the world every year and 53% of women will dump their boyfriends if they don’t give them anything to mark the occasion. But sex on Valentine’s dayhave you ever considered whether what is supposed to be a romantic occasion is also necessarily an intimate one?

After all, there have been countless complaints about the consumerist nature of Valentine’s day and some believe it’s more about selling chocolates and flowers than about truly celebrating love. A recent survey by Casual Dating agency C-date seems to prove those naysayers right!

At least those who think that all that romance would lead to passion, intimacy and sex on Valentine’s day are proven wrong. 35% of those who took part in the survey can’t remember ever having had sex on Valentine’s day. A further 44% can only remember sex on Valentine’s day once or twice „maybe“. Only 22% actually say they „usually“ have .

Of course, love is not all about sex and it is quite possible that many happy couples fall asleep in each other’s arms after a long and satisfying Valentine’s day without sex, but for most people a happy relationship goes hand in hand with a fulfilled sex life.

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