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Making the First Move: How European Singles Handle Online Dating

Making the first move is one of the many things that have been affected by online dating.

Where making the first  move in the past meant buying a lady a drink in a bar or hitting her up with a corny chat up line, in the online dating world it means writing a well-crafted personal message explaining why you like someone’s profile and why you would like to find out more about them.

We wanted to know how European singles today handle making the first move. We looked at one question from the be2 questionnaire that all European singles registered with be2 have completed.
We compared how certain groups of European singles replied to the following question, on average:


One thing that hasn’t changed much: men are still making the first move more often than women. Even through online dating has it’s own rules, it’s the still men risk rejection by making the first move. Over all European singles surveyed, 21% of men are confident making the first move „at the risk of my feelings not being reciprocated“, but only 8% of women. 

When comparing European singles from different countries, there were a few surprises: Although the French and Italians are known as womanisers , only 20% of Italian men and 11% of French men are happy making the first move, compared to 24% of German men.

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