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Online Dating Fraud? be2 advice, what to watch out for

The internet is full of stories about online dating fraud. be2 recognises that of course, online dating fraud is a real issue and the internet is a great place for the victims of online dating fraud to exchange information. But quite often the alleged online dating fraud can be explained in less dramatic terms.

The most common cases of online dating fraud found on the internet:

1. “Sites full of fake profiles and pictures that all look the same”
We have written about the very real threat posed by fake profiles and how to tell a fake profile from a real one, before. However, not every profile without a picture is a fake profile. After completing the personality test, which every serious online dating site (including be2) requires, members have the option to upload a profile picture. However, many members skip this step because they are curious about their partner recommendations. To fill the gap, most online dating sites use placeholders.

Members are reminded and encouraged to add a profile picture at various points, but obviously, nobody can be forced to upload a picture. No online dating company wants profiles without a picture that look like fake profiles and have very low success rates, but be2 can’t do more than ask members to upload a picture. Not everyone without a profile picture on be2 is a fraud!

2. “The cost of online dating is unclear”
The cost of an online dating membership should be made perfectly clear, anything else is fraud. be2’s Premium Membership is priced according to the duration of the membership. One click on the Info-Button with the little “i“ gives you all the information you need. The terms and conditions state the details and options for paying. Customers who say that the cost was unclear simply didn’t read all the information that was available.
online dating fraud

3. “I had no idea that my Premium Membership would be extended automatically“
The same page that contains all the details regarding the cost of be2 , also explicity states that Premium Memberships are extended automatically until the membership is cancelled. Again, the Info-Button provides additional information. Customers are also informed through the terms and conditions and in bills. The duration of a Premium Membership is stated in your profile under “My Profile>Settings“. All it takes is a timely cancellation to prevent an automatic renewal.

4. “I am not receiving replies, because other members didn’t pay”
Not all members opt for a Premium Membership. Nevertheless, even non Premium Members of be2 get a chance to use the full service free of charge every now and again. We often receive love stories from couples, despite the fact that one of them was not a Premium Member.

5. “Cancellation is complicated”
Cancellation of a be2 Premium Membership is actually quite simple, as long as our customer service receives your cancellation on time.
We have already written about the be2 cancellation options.

If you are still certain that you are dealing with online dating fraud , be2 would kindly ask that you please contact our customer service:
be2’s customer service can help you make the most of your Premium Membership, they can tell you about your cancellation options or they can help you detect a fake profile on be2. Fraud is an issue that we take very seriously! If you suspect a fraudulent be2 profile, please contact be2 customer service via email: [email protected]

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