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Relationship facts revealed: Men vs. Women

We’ve all wondered about the truth in gender stereotypes, so let’s just recap what we know: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus; the two genders have their differences, but none of the common clichés and stereotypes are very helpful. Instead, we decided to take a look at the relationship facts behind the stupid jokes and silly rumours. Maybe our relationship facts can shed some light on the truth in gender stereotypes. See the infographic below for a fun and colourful depiction of gender stereotypes, men vs. women. If you would like to share this cool illustration on your website, simply copy the embed code and paste it into the html of any website or blog.

relationship facts revealed infographic

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If you prefer your relationship facts to be served up straight, without an funny illustrations, read on below for pure information, facts and numbers.

Truth in gender stereotypes
Girl talk:
On average, women say over 7,000 words per day. Men manage just over 2,000.

Mirror mirror:
A woman spends an average of 2 years of her life time looking at herself in the mirror; a man spends 6 months checking himself out.

Recipes for dating success
What to wear on a date?
Studies show that women are attracted to men in blue, whereas men are more attracted to women wearing red.

Will there be a second date?
It takes one hour for a woman to determine whether or not she wants to date a man again. It takes 15 minutes for a man to decide if he wants to date a woman again.

Love is in the air
Falling in love:
Research shows that men know they’re falling in love after just three dates, but women don’t fall in love until date 14.

Do you really love me?
43% of women have said I love you and not meant it. 38% of men said I love you to get sex.

Relationship and marriage facts
Till infidelity do us part:
The most difficult marriage vow for 27% of men is being faithful. The most difficult marriage vow for 32% of women is “for better or worse”.

Relationship checklist:
The perfect partner according to men: someone I can trust (63%), who treats me with respect (57%), who is physically attractive to me (40%), who has a sense of humour (37%), who is comfortable with her sexuality (36%).
The perfect partner according to women: someone who treats me with respect (84%), someone I can trust (77%), who makes me laugh (58%), who shares the same values (47%), who is comfortable communicating (46%).

Sexy stuff
92 % of women close their eyes for a kiss, but 50% of men keep them open.

When to have sex?
40% of women are happy to wait one to three months for sex, while 35% of men think the third date is the right time to get it on.

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