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Relationships in Times of Crisis: Can you Save your Relationship Before it Goes into Recession?

If you are worried about the financial crisis, then you now have one more thing to be worried about: you might not only lose your money, you could also lose your love.

financial crisis If the financial crisis affects you, the result can be a relationship in crisis. Even the greatest love can take a hit in financially difficult times. Many couples are currently experiencing a relationship in crisis, caused by the global financial crisis. Relationship counsellors, divorce lawyers, and real estate agents all confirm the sad trend. Summer should be the time for sun, love, and happiness, but at the moment more couples are fighting and even separating than celebrating a summer wedding. There’s a clear correspondence between the financial crisis and relationships in crisis and that connection is most clearly visible in the pace where all the trouble began.

You might remember the Wallstreet Wives who made headlines last year with their support group Dating A Banker Anonymous. According to their blog, „ DABA is a safe place where women can come together – free from the scrutiny of feminists- and share their tearful tales of how the mortgage meltdown has affected their relationships.“

But not only bankers’ relationships are affected by the financial crisis. During financially secure times, the love and marriage industry booms. In safe times, you marry your partner, buy a house, and have children. But not now – the number of weddings is down from previous years. A relationship in crisis is the first visible effect of financial worries eating away at a couple’s personal resources. This leads to quarrels at home, already existing issues will surface, issues that have been glossed over will erupt and cause trouble.

However, at the same time, divorce rates are sinking, simply because most couples in crisis can’t afford a divorce! Even when both parties would like to move on with their lives, find a new partner, and start all over again, the present stagnation on the property market and an unsold house can force them to stay in an unhappy relationship.

If your relationship is in crisis, find out if it can survive the financial crisis: relationship-crisis

    • Are you financially dependent on your partner?
    • Is financial security more important to you than emotional security?
    • Was your partner’s job or money one of the main things that attracted you to her/him?
    • Do you have a very clear plan laid out for where you want to be in 5 years time?
    • Do you come from a very different social background as your partner?

If you answered more than one of these questions with YES, you might be in your relationship for the wrong reasons and the financial crisis was merely a catalyst for your relationship meltdown.

Ironically, since the beginning of the financial crisis, there is a surge in online matchmaking memberships , so people are looking for new relationships at the very time that many relationships are in crisis. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Singles who might have been taken up with their jobs before the financial crisis are now realising how lonely they are and that they need something more substantial than a career and money to be truly happy.
  2. Recently separated men and women who have come out of a relationships in crisis are willing to give it another try – this time with a new partner who is more reliable.

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