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Romantic Christmas Tips for Singles and Couples

Christmas is a holiday you don’t want to spend alone. If you are in a romantic mood and want to spend xmas with someone special, we have compiled the most original and romantic ideas for Christmas in this seasonal video.

Are you ready for our special tips? Here they are….

Romantic Christmas idea no.1: Ice skating
Take your partner on an active date. Winter is the best season for ice skating. What can be more romantic than holding each other’s hands and enjoying the xmas mood.
(Psst, a special tip for the ladies: If you want to get more intimate with your date, pretend you don’t skate too well. I’m sure he will be more than happy to support you.)

Romantic Christmas idea no.2: A romantic city break
Go on a city trip to one of the most romantic places in the world: Paris, Rome and Vienna are the perfect locations for a Christmas date. Spice up your date with fun activities, like asking people for directions to places that don’t exist using funny accent or buy and give away Christmas candies to random people.

Romantic Christmas idea no.3: Movie night
If you are in a mood to stay at home, choose a few romantic movies, light candles and cuddle up in a warm blanket with your beloved. But remember: even if you are feeling cosy and warm, falling asleep in the middle of the movie is not the best idea.

Romantic Christmas idea no.4
For those who want to stay at home, but want to do something more active, you can spend time together decorating the Christmas tree and wrapping Christmas presents, making delicious Christmas cookies.
You can even prepare home-made punch for Christmas dinner. It will make your Christmas date warm and cosy.

Romantic Christmas idea no.5
And last, but not least… Does your date like chic and glamorous events? Then surprise your partner with a ticket to a Christmas ball, opera or a concert. Practice your dancing steps at home in order to avoid any incidents and bloopers on the dance floor.

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