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Self-help books from France: Are French women really slimmer, sexier and happier?

The past years have seen a wealth of new books published idealising the lives of French women. While elegant, sexy French women and their glamorous, sexy lifestyles have long populated the pages of novels and the screens of art house cinemas, the new wave of books about French women is focused on non-fiction, self help and the lessons women all over the world can learn from their French sisters.

The first major success that launched the trend was French Women Don’t Get Fat , but writers and publishers soon discovered that there are many other things French women are seemingly better at than those not blessed with Gallic genes. Today, there are „French women“ books on parenting, grooming, ageing, sex, relationships, even abstinence. We have long wondered whether these books were really grounded in reality – so we took a closer look at the results of a recent international study on sex and relationships to find out if the numbers support the theory that French women are slimmer, sexier and happier than the rest of womankind.

At least the sexy part seems to be true! French women have sex more often than the international average – 12% of French female respondents have sex daily and 50% every week. French women are also more satisfied with their sex lives than the average, with 74% either very or reasonably satisfied. They are also more confident, which may have something to do with the time they invest in their appearance.

Another clichee touted by the „French women“ genre of self-help books that seems to be true is that French women are well groomed. 71% of French women spend more than 1 hour preparing for a date, while over 50% of women internationally spend less than 1 hour.

So, if you want to find out how they do it, maybe one of those self-help books like Joie de Vivre: Secrets of Dining, Wining and Romancing Like the French or French Women Don’t Sleep Alone are a good start – or maybe book a flight to Paris and learn from observation.

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