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The be2 dating agency experience is different for every member. Many be2 members strike the jackpot very quickly and end up in a happy relationship with be2 experiencethe first person to contact them through the matchmaking service (some are even lucky enough to find their perfect match within the duration of a trial membership!) Others take a little longer, for different reasons.

Older be2 members can take a while to get used to the different functions of an online introduction agency or simply aren’t keen to meet anyone in a rushed way. Others initially aren’t happy with the number and quality of partner recommendations and need a little help adjusting their search settings for optimum results. This can be related to the regional limitations of their search or extremely narrow ideas about the type of partner they want to meet (age, looks, financial and educational standing). Finally, there’s also those members who set up the bare bones of a profile and wonder why they are not being contacted by other members. Always remember that a nice profile picture and a personal welcome message go a long way to making your search more successful!

The positive be2 experience

More than 40% of members end their be2 introduction agency experience on a positive note: when asked for their cancellation reason, they say they are leaving be2 because they have found a partner! Here are some examples of what they say about their be2 experience:
“the profiling by be2 obviously works very well.”
“We have found a lot of common ground, which is why we get on so well, and that is thanks to be2′s profiling, so thank you for that.”
“I liked the service as it matched you with people that were similar to yourself and you could get to know them a bit before meeting in person. be2 took what I said and did match me with people that were like minded, which some sites don’t. It also sent me compatibility reports on my matches and rated their suitability with a ‘be2 index’ score, all of which was very useful in choosing who to get in contact with.”
“I, mira68, just registered at be2 and immediately received a message from pjotter5. [...] As a result of the connection between all of us, we have decided to become a real family.”
“We have known each other for only 6 weeks now and are planning our marriage in the next few months.“
“be2’s service worked well for me and did everything it said it would. I would advise others to try it and to keep an open mind, as I never thought I would find love but I did!”

Read more about the be2 experience of couples that found love through be2 here.

The negative be2 introduction agency experience

But what of the 60% that cancel not because they found a partner through be2, but for other reasons?

Many members simply get lucky and find a partner some other way. Some are registered with several dating sites simultaneously, others find love the old fashioned way, like this man who wrote to us:
“no longer need it as I have found my perfect partner. We met at the gym.”
Or the man who no longer needed a new love, as he had reignited an old one:
“I have re united with my partner please remove me from your site.”
For some the be2 experience is not so positive, because they feel that online matchmaking is simply not for them – and they would prefer to go back to dating the old fashioned way. From them we get messages like this:
„I do not wish to continue. Nevertheless, be2 is better than most of the other dating organisations.“
Some don’t enjoy a serious dating agency because they would prefer to browse a larger number of profiles and enjoy flirting with many different partners before settling on „the One“. Others simply don’t have the time they would have to invest in writing and replying to messages, so they put be2 introduction agency off until they actually have the time to do it properly.

Share your personal be2 introduction agency experience

Whatever your dating agency experience , we are always glad of feedback from members. We love to hear about positive experiences (who doesn’t), but constructive feedback from members who have had a negative be2 experience helps us improve our service. Please email [email protected] to share your !

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