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Single Holidays 2010 – For Singles who Don’t Want to Travel Alone

active-singles The days where singles stayed home rather than travel alone are long gone. Many singles can go on holidays with other single friends, but if most of your friends are couples or don’t have time for a holiday, you can opt for single holidays offered by professional tour operators, aimed specifically at singles who don’t want to travel alone.

Obviously, lost of singles hope to flirt or even fall in love when they book single holidays. But whether love strikes or not, single holidays are a great way of meeting other singles who share similar interests and are interested in a friendship. Bookings for single holidays 2010 remain high, financial crisis or not.

There are plenty of companies that offer single holidays. These days, they don’t just target singles as a uniform group, but rather offer packages that suit personal interests, for example…

- active, sporty singles can go biking, climbing, surfing or rafting
- stressed singles can book a beach or Wellness holiday
- cultured singles can join a city trip with museums, plays and opera visits

Singles are usually grouped with others of the same age and interest to encourage a friendly, sociable atmosphere. And of course, they all have one thing in common: they don’t want to travel alone!

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