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Tips for single men: How to flirt with women?

Women know how to flirt with men, and how to take advantage of their looks. They profit from men’s lack of flirting skills. Women are often in a stronger position, when it comes to flirting.

Flirting is a game, in which both people must be attracted to each other. Unfortunately, quite often single men get fooled into mistaking pure lust for real attraction.

3 situations every man should know how to flirt with women in:

1. Buying a drink has never seduced a woman
Women constantly need to be reassured. They happily accept the compliments of novice Casanovas who buy them drinks after a two-minute chat. Unfortunately, buying a drink is not the same as flirting. There is no challenge, no attraction, so no success.
2. A woman that takes your number will (almost) never call you
If you have recently given your number to a woman, it’s useless to keep waiting until she calls you. In 90% of all cases, she won’t. If she is interested, she will give you her number. To get her number , be unique and be original, yet smart.
3. Challenge and tease her
A woman attracted by a man will do everything to flirt with him. She won’t hesitate to be enterprising, whether directly or not. Challenge her in order to be desirable. Don’t do it too much, otherwise you’ll look arrogant.
How to get her attention without freaking her out? Three steps to successfully flirt with women:
-Develop a charismatic and seducing image
-Impress her with what you do
-Be a man with all good qualities.

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