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Virtual Love Day: Make your virtual love official

virtual love dayJuly 24th is Virtual Love Day – a day of celebration for couples who found their Valentine through the internet. The reason: many couples are still shy to admit that they met online. Virtual Love Day encourages them to acknowledge the fact that their very real love story began as a virtual one.

The internet has long replaced the workplace, friends’ parties, bars or nightclubs as the most common place to meet a new partner. Singles these days are quick to register for online dating sites in order to meet someone who is well suited to them and who wants the same things from love, and life. The success rates of online dating sites speak for themselves: for example, 40% of all be2 members state that they have found a partner – try comparing that to the success rate of the guy propping up the bar at your local pub…

Nonetheless, many people are still slow to tell friends, colleagues and family about the way they fell in love. In fact, a recent be2 survey revealed a huge discrepancy between online dating behaviour and the way singles talk about online dating. Although 35% of single men and women have tried online dating, 50% of those singles don’t like telling others about their virtual search for love. Many couples even invent a more conventional dating story to tell anyone that asks.

Virtual Love Day supports a more positive attitude to online dating as a proactive, smart way to find the right partner. Instead of leaving everything up to chance, singles today have the opportunity to find the right person to share their lives with – someone who has similar values, and the same dreams and goals in life, in short: the perfect match. However, no matter how virtual the search for a partner through the internet may be, there is nothing more real than the moment two people meet for their first date – and there is certainly nothing virtual about the chemistry that finally decides whether virtual love becomes a real relationship.

So, if you are single and looking for love through an online dating site, don’t be afraid to tell your friends about it – chances are, they’ve done the same and can give you some valuable tips! And if you met your partner online, celebrate the virtual beginnings of your relationship on Virtual Love Day. But don’t worry: even if you mark Virtual Love Day with a romantic date in July, you can still celebrate Valentine’s day in February, too.


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