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“We met online” – Why Couples Today are Happy to Tell You About Online Dating

Recent research shows that over 50% of Americans know someone who met online. The taboo is quickly crumbling and saying “We met online” is quickly becoming as common as “We met through friends” or “We met at work”.

There are many reasons why couples are happy to tell others “We met online”:

1. Online dating is such a part of the modern single lifestlye, it isn’t considered unusual or remarkable to say “We met online”.
2. The stigma of the early days, when online dating was considered a desperate last resort by some, is long gone. Today, we all know that singles who try online dating represent a cross-section of society, no more and no less.
3. The scientific matchmaking process has been confirmed again and again by the success rates of online dating sites – this type of statistical success reflects positively on every couple that says “We met online”.
4. Now that online dating is no longer a pastime for young singles, but also for older singles looking for a partner, couples feel quite comfortable telling their parents “We met online”. After all, they probably have friends their own age who are online dating, too.
5. Saying “We met at a bar” is hardly better than “We met online”, is it?
6. The next generation to log on to online dating sites will simply not know that there was ever a time when online dating was not the norm, because they are growing up with the reality of online dating all around them. To them, saying “We met online” will be the most natural thing in the world!

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