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What do you Talk about on a First Date? 5 Tips for First Date Conversations

  first date conversationMany singles tell us that they get nervous before every first date they go on. Whether you have been single for ages and are worried about another first date that doesn’t lead to a second, or if you are newly single and worried that you may have lost the ability to date, it’s hard to find good first date advice. So many questions: What do I wear on a first date ( we wrote about that a while back )? Where should I meet my date ( find date location ideas here )? The things singles tend to worry about more than anything is: what do you talk about on a first date to make a good impression?

We rounded up 5 tips that should guide you through your first date conversations.

What do you talk about on a first date?

    1. Talk about interesting things
      Talking about interesting things on a first date seems like pretty obvious advice, but the tricky part is figuring out what is interesting for your date. For starters, you can go by what interests you. If you are interested in what films the person you are on a date with likes, ask and tell them about your taste in films. However, if you notice that your date doesn’t have a whole lot to say about films, it’s safe to assume he/she doesn’t want to hear about your favourite films of all time. Then change the topic and ask about favourite books, sports, animals… until you get to the topic that your date cares about.

    2. Talk about everything and anything
      Keep changing topics and don’t be afraid to resort to seemingly banal small talk. If you get stuck on one topic, it might turn out that you know all about each other’s recent trips to South East Asia, but nothing about your everyday likes, dislikes and hobbies.

    3. Talk about positive things
      Obviously, you can tell a person you hope to build a relationship with things about yourself that are not positive, but not on your first date. No downer stories, no bitching about your ex, no giving out about your job, no moaning about your difficult childhood. You can get all that off your chest once you really know each other, but on a first date, it’s offputting

    4. Don’t talk about love
      The first date is the date that lets you get to know each other and figure out whether you actually like each other. At the end you decide if you even like each other enough to go on a second date. Never pour your heart out, profess everlasting love or try to find out if your date is open to marriage and children on a first date. That would freak most people out.

    5. Don’t just talk – listen!
      Of course, on your first date, you should talk about yourself, but you should also listen!

Good luck with those first date conversations!

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